Poptropica Fans


  1. Travel to Early Poptropica island by blimp. 
  2. Climb down and talk to the local folks, who tell you of a problem in the Old Part of Town (which is also called Early Poptropica).
  3. Go right to old town and you will find that they need THREE items : a missing pig, a bucket for the well, and the signal flag for the harbor. None of these items is anywhere nearby.
  4. Go down into the Well. Work your way across the balance beams (push the little box twice to the left to help you leap up). At the far left you'll find a Glow Stick for later use.
  5. Go back to Main Street. An the first manhole, you can climb down to find the Pig (prized porker) at the bottom of the Pit, which consists of slippery moving steps and attacking spiders (both big and small).
  6. Going down the corridor to the left leads to the Dark Room, where a Golden Egg can be found (this would be tough without the Glow Stick).
  7. Climb the ropes back up to the left. At street level you are in Poptropica Towers.
  8. At Poptropica Towers, bounce on the Laundry Lines to reach the top floor of the far left building. Here you will find the beanstalk into the clouds, which contains three areas : the Purple Giant, Giant's Garden, and the Aircraft Graveyard.
  9. Give the giant his Golden Egg to get past him, and find the Water Bucket in his garden (it's by the second tomato). Continue right and find the Jet Pack in the clouds by the Aircraft Graveyard.
  10. Fly back left over the giant spade to exit the clouds. Once you are back at ground level, go right and fly to the top of the Water Tower, where you get the Signal Flag. (You have to push on it to get it.)
  11. Take your items to Early Poptropica (Old Town) on the far right, where you will return the pig, water bucket, and flag.
  12. Go all the way right onto the docked ship to get your Island Medallion.

SHARK TOOTH When you arrive on the island, head immediately all the way to the right and follow the sign to the Ancient Ruins. You can stop by and visit some of the buildings like the Shark Museum on the way, but they’re not necessary for completing the mission. Go through the next short room and head to the right. You’ll arrive in the ancient ruins. Go all the way to the right and watch out for the dropping coconuts as you go. Go to the end and you’ll see a sign for Booga Bay. Go right again and head for the bay.

Go right through this short room and then you’ll arrive in lovely Booga Bay. Talk to the first guy you see at the Grass Skirts stand. He’ll give you a grass skirt so that you will look like a native islander. Put on the grass skirt and then head back left to the ancient ruins. When you arrive in the ruins, jump over the big stone in the middle so that you are standing on the left side of it and then push it to the right until it is underneath the vine right next to the palm tree. Now jump up on the top of the block. Watch out for falling coconuts and then jump up again to catch the vine.

Continue climbing up the vine and jumping up on the platforms on the tree until you get to the very top, where you’ll find a medicine man. He will talk to you because you look like an islander in your grass skirt. Click on him and ask him, “What else can you tell me?” He will tell you that deep in the temple there is a wall carving that will show you what you need to bring to him so that he can make a potion that will put the big shark to sleep.

Jump off the platform and keep going down until you reach the ground. Walk a short distance to the left and you’ll see the entrance to the temple. It is in the mouth of the big statue and has spider webs in it. Go inside and then jump down the platforms in the first area.

Soon, you’ll be standing on a platform and there will be a swinging platform to your left. Time your jump so that you land on it and then keep moving to the left. You’ll reach a wall and then will need to go all the way to the bottom. Watch out for the purple bats, who will knock you over. Once you get to the bottom, go left and then jump all the way up again. Soon you’ll see a big green control panel in the upper left corner. Jump up onto that platform and click on the panel.

Counting from the left, you need to click on the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th teeth. Then press the big triangle above the teeth and between the two eyes. The door will open and you can go through it to the left. Keep going through the next passage and you’ll arrive inside a large chamber with a green vine hanging down. This one works a lot like the chamber before. Just jump onto the vine and drop all the way down to the bottom. Go left some more and you’ll come up to a big golden statue of the shark. Jump up on top of that statue and then over it. At this point, you can either jump up onto the swinging panel above you and keep going left, or just head straight across. If you jump up, you’ll get to a small pit with spikes in the walls. Jump down here and you’ll land next to an old skeleton with a bone in its mouth. Walk over to the bone to pick it up.

Now head right and go back to the shark statue. Climb back up to the top and jump on the swinging platform and go left until you get to the pit with the spikes in the walls. Wait here for the sliding platform to come close and then jump on it. Ride it to the other side of the pit and then jump off and exit to the left. Go through the passageway and you’ll arrive in another chamber with a green vine. Just jump down here and run across the floor until you get to a giant pedestal with an urn holding some green stuff in it. Jump up on top of that and you will get the Key Ingredient. There’s a vine here. Jump up onto it and climb up to leave the chamber. You’ll be in a small room with platforms. Keep jumping up to the top and then exit.

You’ll appear out of a hole in the sand right at the beginning part of the island next to the guy selling shark fins. You can get one from him if you like, but you don’t need it to solve the mission. Now walk to the right a little and talk to the guy standing next to the booth outside the Coconut Cafe. He will give you some carbonated coconut milk, which is the 3rd and final ingredient you need to bring to the Medicine Man.

Now go to the right and head for the ancient ruins. Push the stone in the middle back underneath the vine next to the tree and go back up to visit the Medicine Man. He will take all of the ingredients and create a potion for you. You’ll get the Calming Potion from him, which can be used to calm the Great Booga Shark. Jump off the tree to the right and head to Booga Bay.

After you arrive in Booga Bay, go to the right until you pass a fisherman and arrive at a cannon with a sign next to it that says, “Feed the Shark.” Click on the cannon and point it up in the air and then click again to launch the coconut with the potion in it into the bay. As soon as it lands in the water, the great Booga shark will appear and eat it. He’ll turn green and then fall asleep below the water. Click on the “Back” button in the upper-right corner of the game to return to the main screen. Now you can safely cross the water while the shark is sleeping. Cross the island and you will come to a small island. Go right at the end and you will then arrive next to Professor Hammerhead.

Talk to Professor Hammerhead and he will thank you for rescuing him and the boy and ask you to lead them back to the mainland. Head to the left again and back across the water. Both the professor and the boy will follow you. When you arrive back to where the crying woman is standing, she will thank you for rescuing her son. Professor Hammerhead will then give you a gold medallion and you have completed the adventure. Congratulations!


  1. OK - first get the top of the Comic page from the guy at Klassic Komix. (He's wearing a tan shirt.) Collect the 8 missing pieces from around the island : there's two in the school, one atop the school by the cement scaffold, one at the top of the lighthouse, one above the playground, one in the Pop-In shop, one in the photo place, and one on the electric poles (right side of the wire). Assemble the comic strip and get the locker code. (9305) Bring the strip to the comic store guy and he'll give you some gum.
  2. Next, go to the school science lab and turn on the bunser burner to level 3 and mix (only) the blue and yellow chemicals. It'll create a stink bomb. Go to Nate's locker and open it with the code from the comic. Click on the pile to get the blueprints that you need to open the filing cabinet. Go out into the hallway and chew the gum. You'll be taken inside the detention room where you set off the stink bomb. Click on the filing cabinet once the teacher has left, and go down the secret ladder. Find the light switch (it's down and to your left and says "power"-a little hand will appear). Hanging from the ceiling will be a clapper that's missing from the school's bell on the roof.
  3. Go back to the lighthouse and catch the photograph blowing in the wind on the left side. Bring it to the photo shop and the man there will give you scuba gear in exchange for it. Go back to the lighthouse, put on the scuba gear, go into the water, and click where it says "Dive." Go to the very bottom towards the right of the screen (there will be a long rope and then you'll know where to go) and get the lobster trap for the old sailor standing on the dock. He will give you a lobster and the key to the jet ski. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and use the lobster to turn the light toward the school. The seagull will go away and you can fix the bell with the clapper.
  4. Go to the school, fix the bell, and ring it. This will make the girls in the playground leave.
  5. Then go back to the top of the lighthouse and look through the telescope. To the right is an island with seals and a map. Take the old sailor's jet ski keys and race Nate to the island. Push both of the seals to the left side of the seesaw rock. Then you grab the map.
  6. In the "Kids Only" house on top of the playground, challenge Nate to a game of Hangman. Once you win, he'll give you some peanut butter crackers. Place a cracker on the playground where the schoolgirls were. The lost dog will dig up the capsule, then you just pull it out and click on the brass fastener.
  7. Although Big Nate gets the credit, you receive the Island Medallion.

Super Power Island

Welcome to Super Power Island! You have to walk to the left and enter the Costumes and Masks store. You should do your best in choosing a cortume that would fit your Poptropica character. Do this by clicking on the costume you fancy :). After you get all costumed up, the shopkeeper will stop you on your way outside. You will recieve an ID card.

After you exit, walk to the right (where the water is) and swim all the way right, to the prison.

A scientist will be waiting there. Talk to her and she will give you anti-power handcuffs. She will also give you a necessary folder of 6 supervillain ID's.


Copy Cat: Copy Cat is tricky. You need to be fast, coordinated, and patient. Copy Cat might take you some time. You simply run around and catch all of her copy cats and get back down to the bottom of the bank before the air gets too clogged.

Speedy Spike: Speedy Spike is located in the subway train. You have to jump over him every time he runs at you. Each time he gets frustrated, he will move up 1 car. Keep jumping over him until you get to the very first car with water. He will slip on the water and thats when you capture him.

Sir Rebel: Dodge the rocks he throws at you until you get over to the bathrooms. There will be a boulder. Push it over to the cop and leave it there while you go over to Sir Rebel. Try to jump up where he is. This will make him mad and he will start to make the ground fly. Push the boulder over to the part of ground that pops up.

Ratman: Go ontop the little house and jump on some pipes until you find the valve to turn the water on. Angry bees will chase you, s get to ratman quickly!

Crusher: Go over to the oil barrels. Jump on the car where Crusher is. Climb up the yellow crane and pull the lever. Crusher will throw oil barrels at you. Dodge them and climb back up the lever and pull it again.

THEN you need to go talk to the last superhero on the daily paper building, and follow his instructions. Defeat Betty Jetty.

Yay. You're done :P


---Arriving on Time Tangled Island, walk to the right and there will be a building that says "Party Time Tower" (it's a multi-player room). Keep on walking right.

  • A lady is standing outside of "Pendulum's Lab" crying. She will talk about your mission. When she goes into "Pendulum's Lab", follow her.
  • Go to the right until you see the lady again. This time she will give you a mission printout that you can read in your items inventory.
  • You will learn more about the Future Machine from the lab assistant.
  • To power up the Future Machine, go left, down, and right to find the power supply. (A big plug.) Push it together to activate it. Each time you want to use the machine, you have to power it up again.
  • Walk back to the door of the Future Machine, which will be pulsing blue, and enter.
  • The future will be in ruins. There will be an older version of yourself standing there. Talk to him/her and he will give you a hand-held Time Machine that looks like a golden stopwatch. See tips for the use of it.
  • There will also be a sign in the future that says " It wasn't supposed to be this way! Something happened in the past that ruined mankind's future. Can you turn back the hands of time and make things right?"
  • You can travel to the different times and places in any order you want. The items people need will be hidden somewhere else in time. See tips for who needs what, where items are, and what special outfits you can get.

As you return the missing items, the time device will turn GREEN for that time. That does not mean that there aren't any items left there. When you finish helping everyone, the entire dial will be green. Go back to the Lab, and go back into the future. Use the air lift tube and monorails to get to your future self's Sky Home. There, talk to your future self and they will give you the Time Tangled Island Medallion. You can use the time device Lab setting to return to the Poptropica blimp.


You can travel to the following times and places with it( the middle is the symbol on the time travel device). They are in clockwise order beginning at the top.

  • 2009 AD ~ LAB ~ Main Street
  • 0328 BC ~ man in golden armor ~ Ancient Greece
  • 0831 AD ~ man in Viking suit ~ Vikings
  • 1387 AD ~ lady with pink turban ~ Mali Empire
  • 1516 AD ~ bearded man ~ Da Vinci's Workshop
  • 1519 AD ~ man with headdress ~ Aztec Empire
  • 1593 AD ~ armored Asian man ~ Great Wall of China
  • 1776 AD ~ man with black hat ~ The Graff House
  • 1805 AD ~ man with beaver cap ~ Lewis and Clark
  • 1877 AD ~ young man ~ Edison's Workshop
  • 1882 AD ~ French man ~ Statue of Liberty
  • 1953 AD ~ man in blue parka ~ Mount Everest

Who Needs What:

  • Ancient Greece: Golden Vase
  • Vikings: Thor's Amulet
  • Mali Empire: Salt Rocks
  • Da Vinci's Workshop: Notebook
  • Aztec Empire: Sun Stone Piece
  • Great Wall of China: Stone Bowl
  • The Graff House: Declaration of Independence
  • Lewis and Clark: Peace Medal
  • Edison's Workshop: Phonograph
  • Statue of Liberty: Statue Model
  • Mount Everest: Climbing Goggles

Where Things Are:

  • Climbing Goggles: In the Aztec Empire, a guard is wearing them and will give them to you if you are wearing a Warrior's Mask (see clothes list at the bottom of the page).
  • Statue Model: The very top peak of Mount Everest you can get to.
  • Phonograph: On top of the treasury building (the guards are standing in front of it) in Ancient Greece. You have to climb up the winged statue and jump to the roof.
  • Peace Medal: Hanging on the pulley system in Da Vinci's Workshop. First climb onto the middle platform, making the top one come closer so you can jump on it. Get on the top platform, you will go down but the bottom platform will come out. Jump onto the bottom platform and from there jump and try to touch the shiny silver circle. If you touch it, then you've got the Peace Medal. (* If you have too much trouble, go to the Statue of Liberty in 1882, and get Da Vinci's notebook. When you return it, you can use his glider wings to reach the Peace medal.)
  • Declaration of Independence: In the Mali Empire (watch out for snakes) there will be a place called "Timbuktu Inn". A document merchant is in there. Piece together a puzzle for him to get the Declaration of Independence.
  • Stone Bowl: Go to Lewis and Clark's campsite. There will be a tree that has the words "Clark was here" carved into it. Climb the tree and wait for a beaver to come out. He has the bowl on his head.
  • Sun Stone Piece: On top of Edison's Workshop. Go to the left and jump on the car. Click the circle at the rear and the car will head forward, and stop under the tree. Climb up the tree and onto the house.
  • Notebook: Go to the Statue of Liberty. Climb so you're on the very top platform of the scaffold. Jump to your left. The Notebook is on the ledge.
  • Salt Rocks: If you go to the Graff House and climb the tree, then jump onto the roof, they are in a bag right there.
  • Thor's Amulet: Go to the Great Wall of China and pass the construction zone. A man will be wearing the amulet. If you beat him in a memory game he will give it to you.
  • Golden Vase: This is definitely the hardest. Go to the Great Wall of China and pick up a barrel of gunpowder. Go to where the Vikings are and climb onto the first cliff. Use the gunpowder to blast the rocks. Pick up the torch and go inside. You only have a little while before your torch goes out to find the vase. It will also go out if you step in water. (Hint : run down, up, up, up, across, down, and left.)

Clothes You Can Get:

  • Warrior's Mask: In the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him and he'll give his mask to you.
  • The Glider: Da Vinci gives it to you when you give him his notebook.
  • The Viking Suit: It's laying on the second cliff where the Vikings are : use the Glider to get there.

(For details, shortcuts, or where the various times are, see the related questions below)

how to beat time tangled on poptropica

  1. Talk to the crying mayor, and he will tell you that the town is deteriorating because all of their carrots have disappeared.
  2. Visit Charlie's Carrot Surplus where the clerk tells you her cat is missing, and may be by the farmhouse.
  3. Head left to Carrot Farm.
  4. Go to the old house and enter it by the chimney.
  5. Go right and take the bowl that you find next to the couch.
  6. Go back to town and visit the Carrot King Diner. Take the bowl to the waitress and ask her to fill it up with milk.
  7. Go back to the farmhouse and put the bowl down where you found it.
  8. Go to the right and climb the electric wire to get upstairs. Go left until you reach the bathroom. Turn on the shower by twisting the handles. The cat will jump out.
  9. Chase the cat back downstairs (this may take a while) and get the cat to drink the milk. It will now follow you.
  10. Go back to town and give the clerk her cat. She will give you a crowbar (you will need this later on).
  11. Go to the Carrot Factory.

At the factory:

  1. Get the blueprints from the boarded window.
  2. Climb down near the icky water to the right of the building and use the crowbar to get inside.
  3. Walk to the left until you find the Carrot Transporter.

Entering the factory:

  1. Climb up and go right. The last two moving floor sections may take a while to get past. (Try to stop between them.)
  2. Continue climbing up. Dodge the rat, and go up to the main factory room.
  3. To turn on the power, move the middle switch all the way down and the other two switches to the middle. Once it is turned on, jump up and hop on the moving claw near the top. This will take you right to the vent system.
  4. First, head for the PROCESSING ROOM (on the lower left). Use the blueprints you found earlier to find your way around the vent system.
  5. On your way to the PROCESSING ROOM, you will pick up a pair of wire cutters.
  6. If you enter the room, the robot guard will transport you out of there, to :
  7. The FREEZER room . In the FREEZER, you will find a security box. Cut the wires and leave.

The password:

  1. Go to the PRINTER ROOM. You can disable the rabbot ears controlling the worker there (who is being mind-controlled). You do this by pressing the ears' blue control button (C) when her back is turned. She will show you a piece of paper that prints out. (It reads, "System Password: fuzzybunny".)

Rabbot ears:

  1. Go to the PROCESSING ROOM. With the security system disabled, the flying rabbot guard will not appear.
  2. Release the workers from their mind control. You will see that the evil Dr. Hare's plant is stealing all the island's carrots to process into Rocket Fuel chemicals. Go to the big metal doors on the right that says EXIT. Because you don't have rabbot control ears, it drops you through the trap door instead. It will take you to a room with giant smashing machines.
  3. Make your way down the belt without getting squirted or smashed flat. At the far side, you will find a pair of rabbot ears. Climb out.

How to defeat Dr. Hare:

  1. Make sure you are wearing your rabbot ears when you go to EXIT door.
  2. The door will open and Dr. Hare will be waiting for you. He assumes you are under his control and orders you to launch the GIANT SPACE RABBOT.
  3. Climb up Dr. Hare's rabbot and go to the right side by the computer. Deactivate the person's rabbot ears so he will let you use the computer. Type in the password from before (fuzzybunny) and the task (launch rabbot).
  4. A little screen will pop up, kind of like a video game. Use the joystick to steer the GIANT SPACE RABBOT into the meteors to crash it.
  5. When you defeat Dr. Hare and his rabbot, follow the released slave up the rope to the left, and go back to Main Street. All of the citizens are grateful.
  6. Talk to the mayor and he'll give you the 24 Carrot Island medallion.

ASTRO KNIGHTS 1. Go to Astro-Knights island (if you're on a different island)

2. Head towards the fountain, and you should see a sparkle. Jump towards the sparkle and you'll find a gold coin.

3. Go to the Mordred museum, and give the guy inside the gold coin you found in the fountain.

4. Click on one of the books, and he'll give you a library slip.

5. Go to the King and Queen's castle. (It looks like a complete mess!)

6. Head to the door on the right, and it'll take you to the royal library.

7. Click on the McM, and it'll open up a secret passageway.

8. Collect the moldy cheese, and pull the lever inside. You can talk to the robot in the prison cell, but all he'll do is talk binary. (Note: If you don't pull the switch, you will have to come back later to do it.) Once you do this and leave, you can't get back in.

9. Go to the door on the left, and it'll take you to the maid's room.

10. Put down the moldy cheese to catch the robotic mouse inside, and get the paper on the chest.

11. Go to the mill on the right of the castle, and talk to the guy with the freckle's and the dirty shovel, and he'll give you a bag of manure.

12. Go inside the mill and pull down on the rope holding the mill gears, then talk to the goth girl, and you'll give her the paper you found in the maid's room.

13. Go back to main street, and click on the plaque that's on the fountain. The password is: Crescent moon, Planet Saturn, star, and the big sun.

14. Go in the secret hideout and talk to the kid with the buck teeth and freckles, and he'll give you a key.

15. Go back to the mill, and push away the two hay stacks (opposite directions of each other.), and use the key on the entrance, and it should open.

16. Go inside the hideout and scare the owl out, then go back outside and release the mechanical mouse, and the owl will eat it, and you'll say: "I think I've made a new friend!"

17. Go back in the hideout and push on the mud wall. (just keep on pushing on it, because it'll collapse in a few seconds.) Then, go in the hole.

18. You'll be inside the prison cell that the robot was in, and the robot will say: "Intrusion: Self Destruct", and the robot will detonate. Use the owl to get the fuel rod that the robot dropped, and the owl will give it to you.

19. Exit the cell and the hideout, and get the coil of rope on the gears outside the mill.

20. Go back to the King and Queen's castle, and go to where the huge bow and arrow is. Use the coil of rope on the bow and arrow. Use the bow and arrow to create a path to the princess's room. (don't worry if you don't get it the first time, because you have unlimited tries.)

21. Go to the princess's room, and find a piece of paper that mentions that Mordred hides thing under his bed.

22. Go to main street and inside the museum. Click under Mordred's bed, and you'll find a missing page from Mordred's journal.

23. Go outside the mill, and jump on the left side of the mill's arms, and turn,it'll open the top of the windmill.

24. Go inside the top of the mill you opened, and use the manure to power the hover craft inside.

25. Go outside of the mill, and jump on the hovercraft, and it'll take you to a flying saucer that crashed.

26. Click on the saucer, and drag the fuel rod to the empty one, the saucer will power up. Input the coordinates from the page of Mordred's journal, and click the "Launch" button.

27. It'll show a cutscene of you flying in the saucer, and crashing on "Pewter Moon".

28. You'll say: "Whoops! Say goodbye to Excalibur!". Head to the astro shop, and click on the guy with a big smile. Select: "How do I get off of here?", and he'll tell you that you can make a rocket if you leave you're saucer for scrap.

29. Go to the holopad and click on it, and then you can build your own space vessel!

30. When you're done, click done, and take your ship to outer space.

31. Head to the Jungle planet. (X 15 Y 15)

32. Go to the jungle floor and get the lance, and go on all the swings to get to the other side.

33. Get across the eggs and free the unicorn, then shoot or dodge the bees and bird missiles, and you'll eventually run into the phoenix. Charge up your laser (hold and release) to damage the mechanical bird until you destroy it.

34. Head to the lava planet. (X 83 Y 20)

35. Get across the lava by jumping on the rocks (make the last jump when both rocks are moving downward). Then, get across the flame wave. Then, talk to the knight and he'll give you an ice arrow. (when you get to an extremely hard one on the middle of the volcano, go back one, jump over the one in the middle/hard one and on to the next one, so you don't have to go on the one in the middle !!)

36. To defeat the dragon, climb on the chains to get behind him. Then, pull on the lever to make the dragon fall asleep. Then, use the ice arrow to damage the beast. Repeat this process twice more to defeat the beast.

37. Head to the ice planet. (X 73 Y 83) Before you land on the planet, you have to get rid of the sharks. The only way to destroy them is if you guide them to the black hole.

38. Get across the liquid nitrogen lake, and in order to, you have to jump above the piranhas that hop up to bite you.

39. Talk to knight and he'll give you a shield.

40. To defeat the Tigercopter, you have to wait until it throws snowballs at you, that's when you have to use your shield to reflect the snowballs at the yellow balls. You'll win when you destroy all the balls.

41. Head towards the asteroid with the temple. (X 11 Y 84)

42. Click on the key on top, and it'll open up a portal. Go inside the portal.

43. When you see the princess, DON'T give her the weapons. (She's the binary bard.) But if you love puzzles, then give her the weapons.

44. Go in the castle and defeat the Binary Bard. As Merlin, dodge his attacks and drop his own bombs on him. As yourself, jump up on the robot, then the light fixtures. When he shoots at you, they fall on him.

45. You'll be knighted and receive the island medallion!

NABOOTI 1. THE MUSEUM First enter Nabooti Island via the Poptropica Blimp. Once there, turn to your left and go inside the Nabooti African Museum in the tree. Inside there are lots of monuments of tribes from Africa. Walk to your left, fall down then walk to your right until you see the Nabooti Monument. Talk to the girl standing left of the statue. She will tell you the story of the five missing jewels. When she asks you if you would like to find the jewels, click 'Yes! I'm in'. She will hand you a map of Africa.

ii) Venture your way outside and walk to your left until you see a plane. Click on the seat. It should say 'FLY'. It should now bring up a map of Africa. Your mouse is now the plane. Fly your way over to the right until your reach a point called Mountains of the Moon. Click on it or place your plane on the dot.

2. MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON [Beware of the Goats and falling boulders at this place.] Run to your left and jump over the Goats. Go through the water and jump over the next Goat. Keep going until you're at the end. Stop. Let the goat run at you and whack you up to the next ledge.

Jump on the tree to your right, then again, then jump up onto the next ledge where the girl with blue headwear is. Talk to her, she will tell you she wants the red fig that is above you. Jump on the boulder to your left then jump at the red fig. You should be able to reach it.

ii) Go right, jump over the flowing water, (Note: Boulders will crash on you if you stay in one spot.) and keep going until you reach the end. Jump up onto the next ledge and then make a big jump over the goat and land on the ledge on the other side. Jump the small gap until you reach some icy slopes. Jump um the icy ledges (They are slippery), then right, then jump up on the ledges until you reach the old man.

He will not let you in the cave unless you beat him in Mancala. Once you win, enter the cave.

Fall down to the bottom to pick up the cell phone.* Jump up the rocks until you're on a rock that overhangs out from the main rock. Jump on the rock column right of you. Jump so you don't hit the hanging icicles. They will hit you to the ground. Slide off this rock to the next, Jump up on the next column, slide onto the next one and then finally run off the edge to land on the ledge with the Red Jewel. Now fall down to the bottom and make your way out of the cave. Fall down to the bottom of the mountain and get in the plane again.

* SPECIAL PHONE NUMBERS When you find the phone, if you dial 911 you will get a cool cop costume. If you dial 411 then you'll get a brain in a case on your head. If you call 1225 you will get santa hat and bag. Call 1337 and get a nerd look with freckles.

3. BLUE NILE FALLS Fly your plane North-East to a dot called Blue Nile Falls. Once there, jump onto your plane, then jump onto the grassy ledges, and jump up to the top of the cliff where there is a Purple Flower, called the Egyptian Blue Flower. Walk over it to get it.

ii) Go back down the cliff, go across the water until your reach some more grassy ledges. Follow the grassy ledges to the top to find a woman with a Chicken, corn feed and a Fox. Talk to her and ask if she needs your help. This should start the game.

iii) To solve the problem follow these instructions: -Bring the chicken to the other side. -Bring the feed to the other side. -Bring the chicken back to the other side. -Bring the fox to the other side. -Bring the chicken back to the other side to finish the problem. When complete the women will tell you about the secret cave behind a bush to the right of the waterfall. Jump off to the right and try land on the ledge with the large bush. If you don't then jump up on the rocks till you get to it. Click on the large bush to reveal the secret cave. Now enter the opening.

iv) Once inside jump onto the skinny column to your right. Keep jumping right. (Note: Do this fast because spikes will fall on you, if you fall just make your way to the left and start again.) Once you reach the end walk over and grab the purple jewel. Go back outside and make your way back to the plane.

Fly your plane left, back to the dot named Nabooti. Once there walk right until you see a stall. Talk to the woman wearing orange clothes. Trade your purple flower for a turban. Run back to the plane.

4. THE SPHINX AT GIZA Fly your plane north-east to a place called Giza. Once there go into your Items and put on your desert turban. Go to your right until the man gives you a shovel. Walk to your right until you see a man outside a tent. Go into your items and view the shovel. The number on it belongs to the man in front of you. Go to your phone and dial this number: 555-6789 Once done the man in front of you and his workers will have left. Click on the bag in front of you to receive the Moon Stone. Now go left and then jump up on the Egyptian structure. Go to the top where a ring is. Go into your items and click 'Use' on the Moon Stone. It will open a passage way down below. Go down and enter it.

iii) Go to your right until you see a block with four rectangles on it. Click on it. These rectangles move the platforms ahead of you so you can access the next room. The aim is to make all of the rectangles flat. Follow the instructions below in order to make them flat: -Click on number 1 rectangle. -Click on number 3 rectangle. -Click on number 4 rectangle. Go right and jump up onto the platforms. Avoid the scorpion below the platforms! Keep going right until you see the next passageway. Go into it.

iv) Jump up the small rocks to reach a room with four blocks. You have to match the blocks with the same pattern as the bottom one. Follow the instructions below to make them in order: [If you make a mistake pull the reset switch to try again.]

-Push block number 4 off and push it left until it is roundabout where the reset sign is. -Push block number 1 off and push it to number 4. -Push number 2 off but then push it so it is under the ledge. -Push block number 3 of and align it with the others. -The block order should be now: 4 - 1 - 3 - 2 Push the groups of blocks until it's in front of the carvings on the wall. This should open up the next passageway. Jump up on the ledge and then jump left through the new opening.

v) Keep going left until you reach a room with ledges with pictures on them (These pictures are called hieroglyphics and are an ancient language in Egypt.). You have to jump onto the right pictures to make it to the top. Otherwise they will collapse on you. Follow the instructions below to make it to the top: -Jump on the block with a person. -Jump on the block with an upturn boat and a jagged line. -Jump on the block with a bird and a staff. -Jump on the block with an eye and a boat. Once you have reached the top click on the rope to go up.

vi) Go up and enter a room with two large statues. In the middle of the room there is a tablet with markings on it. The dots on the cups tell you which switch to pull in what order. The switches are found on each column half way up. When a switch is pulled it will make a cup with a number of dots fall. As soon as you pull one, sand will start to fall and begin to rise. Remember the order to pull the switches and do it fast. Follow the instructions below to achieve the task: [If you make a mistake pull the reset switch to try again.] -Pull switch number 4 -Pull switch number 2 -Pull switch number 3 -Pull switch number 1 Once complete the mummy at the top will open to reveal the Blue jewel. Grab the jewel and exit the room to your left. Climb down the rope then fall down to your right, then climb down another rope to your right. Now exit to your left. Make your way back to the plane.

5. THE KAYA FORESTS Fly south to Kaya Forests. Jump onto the hut, and jump right onto the trees. Keep going until you see a gold object in the tree. Pick it to get a Gold Nugget. Fall down and walk right until you see a giant shell. Stand next to it and go into your items. Click 'Use' on the Opuntia Fruit The turtle/tortoise will wake up and move over to eat it. Walk over to the small hole in the ground, go to your items and click 'Use' on your shovel. You will find an Ebony Elephant and two mysterious ghosts will rise from the hole asking for a Fingo. Now go back to the plane.

ii) Fly north-west back to the Nabooti dot. Walk right to the stalls and talk to the girl wearing blue clothing. Trade your elephant for a Fingo. While you're here, walk right to the man wearing purple orange clothes. Trade your Gold Nugget for a camera. Now make your way back to the plane.

iii) Fly back to the Kaya Forests and talk to the ghost man again. Say you have found the Fingo. As a reward he will give you a Green Jewel. Now walk back to the plane.

6. THE SAFARI Fly your plane just above you to Safari. Once there, run all the way right till you reach Big Zeke. Talk to him and ask if he needs help. He will tell you he needs 7 good pictures of different animals. Follow the instructions below to find the animals: -There is a Giraffe in the middle next to the tree. -Left of the Giraffe there is a Zebra next to a stream. -Left of the Zebra there is a lion in the bushes. -In the top left-left-hand corner a bird will appear in a tree. -Right of the Giraffe an Alligator will emerge in the water. -At the very right an Elephant will appear behind a mound. -In the very bottom-right-hand corner a Gazelle will appear. Once you have take the 7 good photos press close and Big Zeke will give you a Mining hat. Go back to your plane.

7. THE DIAMOND MINES Fly south until you reach Diamond Mines. Once there, put on your Mining Hat. Go over the dirt mound, go right, and then pass the man and the electric fence until you reach a switch board. Click on the switch between the two lights. This will turn off the electric fence but only for a short time. Your time left will be shown in the bottom left-hand corner. Run left, go up the dirt mound, jump onto the metal structure, go along it and fall down the gap onto a ledge. Walk along this ledge until you see an opening in the fence. Enter it. If you do not make it in time, then go back a flick the switch again.

ii) Go left until you see some oncoming mine carts. Stand underneath the railings until a mine cart falls of. Jump on and make your way up. Stop underneath the next railings and wait for the cart to fall. Jump up and rung along. Repeat this process until you reach the top. Then enter where the Mine carts come from.

iii) First click the green light to turn it off. Now push the flammable canister right until it stops at a rock. Go back to the green button and turn it on. This should ignite the oil trail left by the canister. When it reaches the canister it should blow destroying the rock in front of it. Turn off the green button again and push the canister to the very end. Go back and press the green button to ignite the oil. This should open up a new passageway. Enter it.

iv) Go right and push the mine cart forward. This should start the mine cart ride. During the ride you need to jump over the spikes and duck when its at the top. Follow the instructions below to reach the end of the track: [If you fall of click Try-again.] -Bend down to avoid hitting your head at the top. -Jump when its says jump near the bottom of the bend. -Bend down immediately after. -Jump when you're near the bottom again. -Bend down again. -Get ready to jump again. -Bend down. And then just let it finish. It should take you to the next room.

v) Go right and jump on the platform via the bump in the wall. Jump up again until you are on the jewels. Click on the jewels to view them. Click and hold onto the magnified glass in the right-hand corner. Move it to one of the jewels to the left until you see a marking on one of them. Hold it over the diamond until it asks if you want to take it. You will have now received the last jewel, the White Jewel. Climb up the rope. Now go to the plane.

8.) COMPLETING NABOOTI Fly north-east back to Nabooti. Go right and enter the Nabooti African Museum again. Go down the bottom and talk to the girl. All you have to do now is put the jewels in the right order. Follow the instructions below to put the jewels in the right order: (The gems are placed from bottom to top.) -Yellow -Orange -Blue -White -Red -Green -Purple


  1. If you go left, to the dock, you will be beaten up by the B.A.D guards there.
  2. Go to the Headquarters building, top floor, and talk to Director D of the spy agency. He will tell you of the three missing spies and give you your Message Decoder.
  3. You will encounter several friendly agents who will share information. The first directs you to the Bistro, where you will need to get the fingerprint of a B.A.D. bigwig. To do this, you will get a job as a chef and steal the bad guy's wine glass. To escape with it, climb through the exhaust fan in the kitchen and jump along the ceiling light fixtures.
  4. At the Eye Doctor, you will not be trusted by the doctor. However, once you have spoken to another agent, he will tell you how to take the eye test (choose the opposite, left to right or up instead of down symbols) to show you are a trusted agent.
  5. Go upstairs and the doctor will let you in the secret spy laboratory. Get the special Chameleon Suit that he's developed. When you are standing still, you will be completely invisible to your enemies.
  6. Go back to the dock, and climb up the roof, using the chameleon suit to evade the guards (and dogs!). Enter the vent and make your way downstairs until you reach the locked vault. Go though the ceiling to rescue the agent inside. He will knock out the guards and open the bottom door for you. He will also give you the Laser Pen, and a clue to B.A.D.'s evil plan.
  7. Go back to the right, and you will get information from another agent, who gives you the Secret File. Graffiti on the next building will tell you how to read the message in it. (Somebody can't be trusted. It reads "Don't trust Director D")
  8. Climb the building with the electric shock fields (this takes careful timing) until you reach the attic. Cut through the bars with your laser pen. The second spy is inside and will give you his Grappling Bowtie, with which to reach tall locations. He will also give you the second of three clue cards.
  9. Go up to the rooftops on Balding Avenue, and grapple left to the tall building, then left again to avoid the guard. You will encounter another spy on the roof, who will tell you to go RIGHT to the other tall antenna. This leads to a greenhouse, where the third spy is held in a locked cage, which your Laser Pen won't cut. To open the cage, go down past the carnivorous plants (they bite) and find the Cherry Bomb tree. You can release a Cherry Bomb from the tree, and it will explode about 40 seconds later. Push it left onto the Trampoline Plant, and it will be thrown up higher. Climb up, avoid the plants, and push it left again onto the second Trampoline Plant. This will bounce it up to the cage but you have to climb up to re-position it before it explodes. The released spy will give you her UltraVision goggles, so that you can see the laser beams around the B.A.D. hiding place. You also get the final clue about the spies' evil plan.
  10. (To the left of the rooftop is the top of the brown building, where at one time there was a special Nabooti mask hanging, which has nothing to do with this island's story. You cannot climb this building from the Balding Aveneue street level.)
  11. Go to the far right, put on the goggles, and make your way through the lasers. Climb up the right side of the building and then move up and left until you can enter the hideout. (The lasers will knock you down a lot, but not harm you.)
  12. Use the "fingerprint" to enter the lair's electronic security.
  13. Director D has somehow gotten in the lair as well, and you will use the three password codes (LASER HAIR REMOVAL)to reactivate the transporter to the laser satellite. Unfortunately, D is a bald baddie himself. Follow him up to the satellite and will sic his mini-bot guards on you. Avoid the robot's zaps and lead it to a yellow power globe, which will send electricity through its plug and destroy it. Three more mini-bots will attack, and there are three more globes (two at the top of the room, two at the bottom).
  14. *IF THE GAME FREEZES : sorry, nothing to do but reset the game from when you entered the B.A.D. area.
  15. When his bots are destroyed, the evil director will begin zapping you with his flying control room. You will have to use the Bowtie to reach the top of his machine. Each time he flies into the ceiling to knock you loose, he will damage his machine. After 3 crunches, he is powerless and is taken into custody. You become a Director and get the island medal.

Notes :

  • When in the greenhouse (step 10), you should take off the Bowtie, to avoid using it accidentally.
  • The jumping movement inside the B.A.D. hideout (step 12) is especially tough where the two lasers are firing at once. This may take several tries.
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